‘LOƝTƐM CRÉOLE BɔD OSE’,  Historic Creole Board House

‘LOƝTƐM CRÉOLE BɔD OSE’, Historic Creole Board House


In 1997 few Descendants of the Peninsula of Sierra Leone met together in Southern California and decided to establish an Organization known as Freetown Overseas League. Some of these objectives were to protect, promote and advance the traditions, customs and values of the descendants of the peninsula of Sierra Leone. The Organization was and is also committed to sponsor research and other studies to help illuminate the history, resources and contributions in local, national and international setting and offer charitable assistance to economical and physical disadvantaged communities in Sierra Leone.


The Organization was incorporated in 1998. Few events and activities have been held to help demonstrate some of the objectives. On August 30, 1997 we held a Community Hymn Singing and Prayers for victims of the Rebel War at the Methodist Church in Santa Ana, CA; and on February 28, 1999; a prayer service was held at the United Methodist Church, Anaheim, CA. Various other events and activities have been organized such as public lectures on the origin, properties and local global significance of the Krio Language and History of the Creoles.

The Organization has offered charitable donations through Krio Descendants Union in Freetown to St. Georges Cathedral Church, Freetown; St Anthony’s Church, Freetown; Brunswick Methodist Church in the village of York, St. Charles Methodist Church in the village of Regent and Ahmaddiya School, Fullah Town in Freetown to help the economical and physical disadvantaged. We also offered a purse through Krio Descendants Union in Freetown to help the victims of the Katrina disaster through the united KDU Group.

In order to consolidate with other branches our name was changed to Krio Descendants Union of Southern California in 2011. On December 2011 the Organization contributed financially to erect a statue honoring Thomas Peters through Krio Descendants Union in Freetown, Sierra Leone. A consolidation was formed to create a forum for the Creoles, but it fell apart in 2015. Also in 2015 Krio Descendants Union of Southern California acknowledged members from Northern California and modified the Organization’s name to Krio Descendants Union in California.


On June 12, 2015, leading representatives of three non-profit Organizations: Krio Descendants Union in California, Krio Descendants Union in Canada and Krio Descendants Union in Washington Metropolitan Area launched an organization, entitled Krio Descendants Union International (KDUI) to serve as an authority and eventually, connect and empower communities of Creoles Worldwide through education, cross-border philanthropy and project development in the peninsular of Greater Freetown.


Krio Descendants Union International established its office in Maryland with the motto: “Wi Creole pipul dכn tinap togεda as wan”.

On September 2016, Krio Descendants Union-Canada in partnership with Krio Descendants Union International (i.e. Krio Descendants Union California and Krio Descendants Union Washington Metro) had their first Historic Homecoming event in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada to honor their past, treasure their present and shape their future.  

It was a great experience! With enthusiasm, Krio Descendants Union International members mounted their KDUI flag at half-staff together with His Worship, Mayor Michael Savage in the Halifax City Hall garden. We also visited Africville Museum, Halifax Citadel National Historic Site and the Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia in Dartmouth. We were halfway to New Brunswick, Birchtown to visit the Black Loyalist Heritage Centre and Birchtown Historical Site when the driver heard a strange noise coming from the bus engine. He pulled over to the side of the road and called for another bus to return us to our hotel. Unfortunately, some of us did not arrive at Birchtown to bond with our Black Loyalists brothers and sisters.


On Thursday, August 31, 2017 to Monday, September 4, 2017 Krio Descendants Union Washington Metro (a Chapter of KDU International) launched their 2017 International Heritage Weekend with an extraordinary educational field trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Dinner and Dance at Metro Points Hotel, and Luncheon Sale and Annual Thanksgiving Service at First United Methodist Church, Hyattsville, Maryland.

On Thursday, August 30, 2018 to Monday, September 3, 2018. Krio Descendants Union in California members will be celebrating their 2018 Creole Cultural Heritage Weekend in California to preserve, promote and pass the Creole History and Cultural Heritage onto future generations.